The Miraculous Mindfulness Journal

Writing is a powerful way to get present, reconnect with yourself, and deepen your mindfulness practice.


The Miraculous Mindfulness Journal is a 204-page journal featuring 100 inspiring questions to stimulate reflection, expand your awareness and encourage you on your mindfulness journey. Try it. Add 10 minutes to your daily practice to discover the wisdom within. Meditate in the morning and then spend some time with a pen in your hand. Use it to practice gratitude, listen to your heart, become more aware of your thought patterns, set intentions, write poems, or just doodle and see what arises. Mainly, enjoy it. It’s for you.

Make Your Life Miraculous: Five Steps to Effective Affirmative Prayer

Spring 2020

Make Your Life Miraculous:
Five Steps to Effective Affirmative Prayer

As you may have noticed from my recorded prayers, not all prayer is the same. Affirmative prayer is about aligning with the Truth of who you are. And there's a straight-forward process on doing it that can significantly influence your mind and your reality. If you'd like to create powerful affirmative prayers like the ones you've found here, let me show you how. Imagine the ways your life would change if you decided to interact with the power of the universe directly--which is exatly what this type of prayer is. The purpose of this little book is to show you how and to invite you on the journey of opening to the divine possibilities within you. The Universe is ready when you are. Why not now?

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