Miraculous Mindfulness Retreats

Disconnect from distraction. Relax your mind. Uplift your spirit.

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A one-day mindfulness retreat

Recharge. Access the energy, joy, and love inside you.

Have you been wanting to learn how to live each moment more fully and with greater joy?

A one-day mindfulness retreat could be just the recharge you need.

Besides, wouldn't it be wonderful to get away from it all and spend some time in meditation and communion with like-minded women?

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The intention of this mindfulness retreat is to give you an opportunity to:

  • Recharge your body and mind
  • Reconnect with your inner self
  • Allow yourself to be guided in mediation
  • Spend some time in silence
  • Learn techniques for dealing with your inner critic
  • Have fun and remember what play feels like

Often, our minds are busy, tired or just overwhelmed by thoughts.  However, learning to be present in our bodies and to go deep in our mediation can calm, center, and ground us in ways that can be transformational, energizing, and expansive.

Whether you are a life-long practiioner of meditation or mindfulness or brand new, this will be a day  that will deepen your practice and leave you feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

During your stay, you will have time for personal R & R. Whether you want to explore wooded trails, spend time with your sketch book by the pond, or bask in the fresh air, the choice is yours.


Welcome ceremony

Grounding meditation

Talk on the theme of the day: Gratitude. And inquiry about it in groups of two.

Walking Meditation (Silent hike to the pond)

Mindful Lunch (provided)

Watercolor crayon experience (playing with color while kicking the inner critic to the curb)

Closing ceremony


"Jane has a wonderful spirit--both serious and playful. Spending a day with her is like basking in sunshine."

Jane knows how to nuture people and make them feel loved, special, and cared for. 

Jane is the real deal. Seriously. She is doing God's work. 

I'm so grateful ...beyond words.

The land itself is healing. You can feel the energy the minute you arrive. Stress melts away almost immediately.

It's breathtakingly beautiful! And i just love the cows!

I would spend EVERY weekend there if I could.

Wish I could bring my dog. He'd love it as much as I did. LOL


A 300-Acre Farm just 75-minutes from Atlanta

Private. Secluded. Sanctuary.

An easy Saturday morning drive on 1-20 East, just 60 miles from Atlanta in Eatonton, Georgia.



What to Wear

  • Please wear loose, casual, comfortable clothing suitable for walking around outside on a farm, doing some yoga, and for sitting meditation.
  • Please bring weather-appropriate clothing and shoes suitable for walking on nature trails so you can fully enjoy the outdoor walking meditation.
  • Please avoid wearing perfumes or products that may affect those who are sensitive or allergic to scents.

Rain or Shine

Yes. We are doing this, even if it rains. Of course, it’s hardly rained for months, so wouldn’t it be hilarious if it finally rained on our special day? But don’t worry. We can still have a fabulous day.

Have you ever meditated on a rainy day? It’s a special kind of wonderful. Something about listening to the rain and knowing you’re safe and warm and dry and surrounded by like-minded people who are also listening to the rain in silent meditation….

But, if it does rain, bring a raincoat. Remember when we were children? We loved playing in the rain, didn't we?

Food, Glorious Food

Lunch will be white bean chili — my favorite recipe calls for chicken sausage, but if you’re vegan or vegetarian, I’ll make sure there is a veggie version.  There will also be a big salad, homemade cornbread, and chocolate chip cookies.

Feel free to bring your own snacks if you want. You’ll have access to a refrigerator. And let us know in the registration form if you have any special dietary needs or concern around food.

Any other questions?

Feel free to reach out to me directly.