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I've created some things to nourish your soul:

Affirmative prayers

Guided meditations

Spiritual "talks" on life

Inspirational art


You're also invited to join me on Mindfulness Retreats.

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The Miraculous Membership

The practice of being present, delivered to you every month.

  • Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you'll get a dose of inspiration in the form of an affirmative prayer (audio & written) delivered to your inbox covering a variety of themes such as oneness, gratitude, abundance, creativity, love, and more.
  • Each Sunday, you'll receive a guided meditation (audio) delivered to your inbox.
  • Monthly inspirational art you can download and print (or order professional prints through our site)
  • VIP access to new books, other offers, and special bonuses.
  • Listen to the talks, meditations, and affirmative prayers again and again, accepting their positivity and allowing them to lift you to a higher level.

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A closer look inside

Affirmative Prayers
Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Affirmative Prayers

Receive recorded affirmative prayers (audio & text) in your inbox

The purpose of these affirmative prayers is not to get something or to make something outside ourselves happen.  And it’s not about asking for things or praying to a power in the sky, Instead, it’s about raising our consciousness, our vibrational energy and our receptivity to all that is. At a core level, it’s about raising our levels of awareness.

I Love My Life

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Spiritual Lessons & Guided Meditations

Receive weekly talks and guided meditations (audio & text) in your inbox. 

While mindflulness may begin with slowing down and paying attention to the moment, you can go deeper. By making being present a daily practice, you can transform your experience of being alive. 

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Inspiring Art

Downloadable, printable art to inspire mindfulness and presence. (Optionally, order professional prints through this website)

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VIP Access to

New books, other offers, and special bonuses

I'm always working on new material to inspire, uplift, and deepen awareness. And when these tools are ready, you'll be the first to know.

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Grief & Loss






That is truly awesome. I felt myself exhale and my shoulders fell as I listened and took in your words.

It’s absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be happier you’re using that sexy voice for good!!!And the brains and spirit to BOOT!!!

I loved your last meditation so much.  It has become my mantra.  I’m so happy you’re doing this!!

I'm so grateful ...beyond words.

Jane is the real deal. Seriously. She is doing God's work. 

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