Affirmative Prayer

Creative Presence is the Core of my Being

Jane Roberts

January 3, 2020

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Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast
Make Your Life Miraculous
Creative Presence is the Core of my Being

True Nature is all that is.

I fully open my mind to the realization that there is a Creative Presence at the core of my being. I am connected to the Source of all life.

I cultivate a consciousness of powerful, life-affirming thoughts. My being is spiritual; my thoughts are intentional, and my manifestations are in evidence everywhere –in mind, body, spirit and experience.

I live with a sense of peace and quiet confidence as my life unfolds in miraculous ways.

I am a conscious participant in my life by means of my awareness.  I bring my awareness to my choices, my emotions, by body, my relationships and in all that I do and, most importantly, all that I am.

I am aware that the core of my being is consciousness.

This consciousness is the consciousness of all that is. I am not just a tiny speck, breathing and thinking, but instead, I am that which breathes, that which is awareness. I am awareness itself.

In this state of consciousness, I am aware of the beauty, truth, love and creativity of the Infinite.

I am grateful for my expansive awareness. I am blessed and loved and grateful.

With joy I release my word to the universe knowing that all is unfolding in magnificent ways. It is done. And so it is.

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