Affirmative Prayer

Grace, Ease, and Joy

Jane Roberts

February 14, 2020

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Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast
Make Your Life Miraculous
Grace, Ease, and Joy

One Infinite Mind is all there is.


It is all good. And it is all that I am.

As I accept this Truth, my inner awareness awakesns to the discovery of the Divine Presence within me. And oh how wonderful it is to be present and aware of this divinity within me. I open myself to infinite possibilities and accept that I am True Nature in action.

I choose goodness, grace, ease and joy. And I release anything that would appear to limit them. I cherish thoughts that reflect these qualities.  I let go and let the perfection of the universe guide me to my highest and greatest good this day.

Today is a day of celebration and gratitude. Today is a day of grace, ease, and joy.

I accept it and declare it as so.  I release my word to Universal law. And let it be so. And so it is

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