Affirmative Prayer

I Accept Love

Jane Roberts

March 9, 2020

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Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast
Make Your Life Miraculous
I Accept Love

There is one love. It is divine love. And it is everywhere present. I am created from this love. I am one with this love. In fact, saying I’m one with it almost denies the inseparability of this oneness. There is no me and oness, me and this love. There is only oneness. Only love. As this awareness sinks into my consciousness, I move into my heart space where I feel and hear and trust and am surrounded by and imbued with Divine Love.

As my thoughts shift from my small, egoic sense of a separate self and move into a more expansive space of knowing, I let go of  any false beliefs that tell me I am not good enough, or not deserving, or that I have to earn love. I accept the Truth that I am perfectly loveable exactly as I am. True Nature immerses me in unconditional love.

I no longer hide from love. I no longer deny the love that is the Universe. I let go of the conditions I place on the universe as I recognize that the universe is unconditional with me. I choose to love this life and to recognize that I am loved and that I am Love.I am centered in the loving conciosuness of True Nature.

Therefore, I know myself as love;  I accept myself as love, and I accept the love that others have for me. I trust it. I embrace it. I accept it.

I give thanks for this love, this unity, this expansive unconditional truth. I accept it and I left it be so and so it is.

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