Affirmative Prayer

I Am in the Flow

Jane Roberts

February 24, 2020

Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast

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Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast
Make Your Life Miraculous
I Am in the Flow

I know there is One Power and Presence in the Universe.

As I seek, I discover the Truth about myself and this Universe.  I am an individualization of the One Source of all that is. Its magnificence is everywhere present-in, as, and through all life and in as and through my life.

This one power and presence flows through my life expressing love and joy and freedom in my health, my prosperity, and my relationships. I lift the veil of ignorance, ego, small mindedness and limitation. And I step into the light of Truth, the love of the Universe, and the miraculousness of this reality. I remember who I truly am, and I let go of  anything unlike the Truth and align myself with True Nature. I feel a profound sense of freedom, power, love, and joy. I am in the flow. My life is blessed, and I know it.

I am so grateful that I know this. So grateful. Thank you Universe. Thank you Source energy. Thank you True Nature.

I release these words knowing that they are already true. With love, I let it be so and so it is.

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