Affirmative Prayer

I Am The Change I Seek

Jane Roberts

January 1, 2020

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Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast
Make Your Life Miraculous
I Am The Change I Seek

There is one infinite intelligence, one pervading presence, one essence that encompasses everything in existence. It is the one energy from which all things are made. It is True Nature. It is Universal Intelligence. It is Source Energy. It is Truth. And it is everywhere present.

The same intelligence that created everything created me.  It is who I am. I am a divine being having a human experience. I am more than this body, more than this mind, more than the sum of my experiences. I am spirit in the physical world. The magnificence of the one absolute presence is within me, individualized as me. I am one with the source and substance of my life.  There is no separation between me and all that is. There is only oneness.

I am the change I seek. That which I am seeking is seeking me.  Peace, power, wisdom and abundance are mine. Everything I seek is within my reach here and now. I embrace them now. I accept and say YES to my prosperity, guidance, order, harmony, health and love. I release any old patterns of thinking and doing that no longer serve me. I don’t judge them. I bless them and let them go. I release fear. I release doubt.  I release anything and everything that needs to be released whether conscious or unconscious. I set myself free.

I bring my awareness to True Nature. As I do so, I am flooded with total fulfillment, total joy, total awareness of the Presence within me. I allow the energy of all that is divine to operate in my life.I am aware of the flow, the truth and the energy that are effortlessly and continuously pouring in, as, and through me I celebrate the greatness of my life, the transformations of my experience and the abundance of all good things in my life. Perfect health, wholeness, happiness and prosperity are mine. I am grateful for the Truth of my life and all that is divine. This truth sets me free. I feel it. I know it. And I love it.

I trust in the power of the Universe. I know that when I ask, I receive. I therefore surrender. I let True Nature do its perfect work. I release and let go. It is done. It is so. And so it is.

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