Affirmative Prayer

I Choose Joy

Jane Roberts

February 3, 2020

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Make Your Life Miraculous
Make Your Life Miraculous
I Choose Joy

I am immersed in, surround by, and living proof of a loving Universe.


I bring my awareness to the power and presence of True Nature.  As I bring my attention to it, I become aware of how it fills me, moves through me and expresses as me.


My life is living proof of the divine as I move through life with grace, ease and joy. I am discerning and easily able to separate that which gives me great joy from that which I find uninspiring and joyless. I choose joy. I allow spirit to guide, support, and inspire me. As I contemplate the divine, I am filled with radiant joy. I shine with the presence of True Nature, reflecting its magnificence like diamonds.

I give bountiful thanks for all that is.

I release my word, knowing my life is aligned with spirit. And so it is.

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