Affirmative Prayer

I Get Out of My Own Way

Jane Roberts

February 28, 2020

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Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast
Make Your Life Miraculous
I Get Out of My Own Way

The all-encompassing good of the one infinite power is everywhere present in its entirety. It is absolute. It is True Nature.

It is the source of all. And I am one with it. I am consciousness of this unity. And from this unity, I speak my word.

I am wide-awake to my increasing good, perceiving and expecting wondrous loving and abundant experiences in my life this day and every day. Listening and responding to my soul’s guidance, I move easily, intelligently, and peacefully in the direction of the Divine.

Knowing the supply of all good is inexhaustible and that Divine substance is everywhere present, I get out of my own way and let go of thinking I have to do and do and endlessly do. And instead I allow Spirit to lovingly and generously express Its good in unlimited ways to me and through me. Only good comes to me, and only good goes forth from me.

Gratitude: I love the way the Universe works. And I am grateful for every moment of this life.

And I let it be so, and so it is.

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