Affirmative Prayer

I Know The Truth

Jane Roberts

December 30, 2019

Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast

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Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast
Make Your Life Miraculous
I Know The Truth

I open my mind and heart to knowing there is One Divine Intelligence at work in the Universe.

I am whole and at peace in my connection to Spirit, my oneness with all that is.

I feel a tremendous sense of freedom as I speak my word for the good that shows up as my prosperity and abundance. As I think about my life, I realize there is only good in my experience. I looked toward Cause as I ask myself how I choose to live my life. I have the power to change any situation. I change my mind, allow God to guide me, and say yes to the good that is mine to enjoy. l live and have my being in a benevolent Universe, so I allow Spirit to conspire for my benefit.

I am grateful for my understanding of the limitless power of the Universe. I am grateful f the love, joy, peace , and wisdom that are already mine to flow into all areas of my life right now.

With a profound sense of gratitude and grace, I release my word to the Universe It is done. And so it is.


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