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Affirmative Prayer

Life is Miraculous

Jane Roberts

January 29, 2020

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Life is Miraculous

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True Nature is the power and presence of all life.

I am created out of that unity, that oneness, that divine essence, that infinite source.

I am an unlimited and boundless expression of True Nature. As a spiritual being having a human, earthly experience, I am in awe of the beautiful gift of this life. As I practice mindfulness, moment to moment, I observe all that goes on around and within me. I am aware of my thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions. When I feel discord or disharmony, I go within and bring my attention to my awareness of Divine Presence.

I relax, expecting good in my life and accepting the highest vision of who I am. I praise and give thanks for my many blessings, knowing life is a miracle.

I accept and release my word to Law. And so it is.

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