Affirmative Prayer

My Body is Divine

Jane Roberts

January 8, 2020

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Make Your Life Miraculous
Make Your Life Miraculous
My Body is Divine

There is only One Source. It is the Source of all creation­ including me.

Realizing that I am one with all that is, I contemplate my Divine nature with awe.

As I bring my attention to my body, I sense my arms, my legs, and my belly. This grounds me. I am present. And as I quiet my mind and continue moving my attention inward, I sense my connection with True Nature. My awareness is flooded with love.

In this space of infinite love, I awaken to the Truth that my body is a living embodiment of True Nature, Spirit in form.

I lovingly embrace every part of my physical being, unconditionally. And the consciousness that is my body responds beautifully to my love. Divine intelligence powers my body and I am grateful for its brilliance in the form of health, vitality, and strength.

I celebrate my body

And so it is.


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