Affirmative Prayer

My Consciousness Expands

Jane Roberts

January 15, 2020

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Make Your Life Miraculous
Make Your Life Miraculous
My Consciousness Expands

I recognize that there is One Source of all life.  This source is infinite, ever-present, and forever expanding.

I am one with the consciousness that is the power behind all of life.

Divine Presence guides and directs me into greater living. I am continuously increasing my understanding of Truth.  I am open to expanding my consciousness in harmony with all, in all, and as all. I effortlessly see the benefits of my heightened awareness as it expresses in every area of my life. My body reflects my belief in my inherent health and innate intelligence. I feel strong and energetic. I embrace a greater idea of love, and this idea reflects in all my relationships.  I deepen my awareness in all my finances, and prosperity manifests more than ever before.

My expanded consciousness awakens me to new ideas that enrich and excite me.

It is done unto me as I believe, and I believe in ever expanding, ever optimizing goodness.  I give thanks as my life reflects my expanded consciousness. And so it is.


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