Affirmative Prayer

No Separation. No Duality

Jane Roberts

January 24, 2020

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Make Your Life Miraculous Podcast
Make Your Life Miraculous
No Separation. No Duality

There is One Omnipresent Source. It is the source of all life.

The very idea of separation from this Source is an illusion. I therefore know I am an expression of the perfect essence of life. I am unified with Divine Presence.

I bring my awareness to this Presence. As I do so, I also let go of any fears or doubts that stand between me and my realization of this Presence. I release any ideas of duality, of lack or limitation. I dive deep into the wisdom and perfection of reality. And I surrender all resistance to Truth. I welcome all my experiences with love, openness, and an awareness of oneness. I gratefully accept the gift of this life, knowing on a soul level that all is well.

I give thanks for this conscious communion with Spirit.

In release my word and let it be so. And so it is.

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