Miraculous Membership

Make your life miraculous!

Wake up to your own divinity. Transform your experience of being alive. Improve everything.


There is One Divine Intelligence. This intelligence sustains and maintains all life everywhere


I am one with this power, this presence, this intelligence.

As such, the attributes of love, peace, power, joy, beauty, and wisdom express within me and as me.


My consciousness is filled with the light of Truth, love and understanding

I am effortlessly inspired to greater self-expression, and
Opportunities for this expression come to me easily.

I dwell in a place of quiet inner communion, knowing that Presence is all there is and that I am divinely guided and protected.

Wisdom guides and directs my activities right action unfolds perfectly in all my affairs.

The Universe provides an immediate, constant, and limitless supply that manifests as lavish abundance, radiant health, and deep love in every area of my life experience.

I am carried in the flow of infinite possibilities unfolding as the truth of my experience, here and now.


With joyful thanksgiving, I celebrate life and express my divinity fully, and freely.


Knowing my Truth aligns with the perfect action of Law, I release my word. And so it

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