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How to make the most of your meditation

What is Meditation and Why Do it?

People often think that the purpose of meditation is to relax, deal with stress, tune out, and get away from it all. After all, if you haven’t meditated, it looks like someone meditating is just sitting there doing nothing, right? But there’s so much more going on than any of that

The real purpose of meditation, however, is to tune in and get in touch with it all, not the other way around. And so how do you do that and how does meditation make that possible?

Meditation allows you to get in the space between your thoughts, into conscious mind, into what some call “the vortex,” and what others refer to as different levels of brain wave function Others call it the field of infinite possibilities, limitless creativity and boundlessness. No matter what you call it, just know that it’s a powerful place where you can connect not only with yourself but with all that is, including the infinite. And that’s the ultimate purpose.

When to Meditate

I recommend mornings when you’re first starting your day because body rhythms tend to be quieter in the morning. And meditating in the morning is a great way to set the tone for the day and to make it a daily habit. But anytime that feels right to you is the right time.

Where to Meditate

Anywhere that you feel safe and will not be disturbed.

Body Position

Being comfortable is the most important thing, just be careful not to be so comfortable that you fall asleep. Sitting up in a chair or on the floor are great ways to stay alert. Rest your hands on your lap, palms up or any way that feels most open, receptive, and peaceful.


Inevitably, your mind will wander. That's normal. Don't worry about it  and don’t try to do anything with them – just observe them. If you find you’ve followed your thoughts, just return to focusing your awareness on the guided meditation or your breath.


When you pay attention to your breath, you are in the present moment. Allow your breath to flow in and out In an unforced, natural rhythm, easily and effortlessly.

Meditation Length

The effects of meditation are cumulative, so setting aside as few as 10-20 minutes a day is beneficial. Longer meditations, multiple times a day are even better. And, as your meditation practice evolves, you can extend your time. It's better to spend a few minutes meditating every day rather than a long period once a week.

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