Miraculous Membership

Make your life miraculous!

Wake up to your own divinity. Transform your experience of being alive. Improve everything.


The One Infinite Spirit—the Creator of the Universe—is moving in and through all of life.


In this moment, I slow down and realize that Spirit knows Itself as me and I know myself as Spirit.


I embrace my wholeness with spirit. I embrace the inseparability between myself and all that is.

Recognizing this oneness, I align myself with ideas of the infinite abundance of this world—in both material and immaterial realms. I feel the substance of my physical being and am in awe of the miracle of being alive, of the beating of my heart and the instinctual ways of the body and mind.

I consciously release any ideas of lack or separation. Instead, I bring my awareness to a place of absolute clarity about the wholeness of True Nature and my oneness with it.

I am steeped in the infinite intelligence and abundance of the mind of God. I am immensely blessed by the richness of this moment, this life, this oneness.

My awareness of my inseparable beingness now creates a prototype, a perfect model of free-flowing, lov, health and abundance expressing through me and as me now.


I celebrate the nature of the universe and I give thanks for my overflowing good. In this moment, I feel that my very being is an expression of gratitude. I am that which gives thanks. I am grateful. I am full of gratitude. I allow this feeling to permeate everything.


In this state of utter gratitude, I surrender this prayer and let it go. And so it is

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